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Business Consulting

The last 10 years have seen more transition in how business is done than in the last 50 years.

Point of Choice design and strategies

The most important moment in any business transaction is the Point of Choice.

Leadership training

In the age of metrics and algorithmic reporting. Leadership has become a lost art


The customer has all the power, they make the final Choice. We will teach you how to understand your current customers, how to leverage their decision habits, give your customers the respect that they deserve, and your competition refuses to give.


Point of Choice Consulting LLC specializes in IT infrastructure projects. Licensed in 2019 as a dual residential and commercial contractor we have the capability of being your turn key/design build contractor for your IT needs.

IT Infrastructure

Is your General Contractor an IT systems specialist who understands your current and future needs? Is your IT network designer a licensed contractor who understand building code and regulations? With Point of Choice Consulting you get both.

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