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Combined 45+ years of Business Leadership

With over a combined 45 years of Business Leadership and over a decade of IT innovation Point of Choice Consulting LLC was founded in 2018 with the intent to integrate sound business practices with current and future technological advances.

We believe that Technology is no longer being treated as a powerful tool, but looked to as the savior for an unsound business model.

Over the last 30 years as technology has been leveraged to a greater degree, some of the fundamental philosophies of business have been forgotten in the wake of new information streams. Lost are the customer service fundamentals, human logistics, customer psychology-based designs and procedures, true strategic and tactical thinking, sound business planning and modeling.

At Point of Choice Consulting we will design, educate, and construct a customized program to not only place your business on a solid footing, but give you the tools and planning to thrive in the upcoming years.

Point of Choice Consulting LLC.  Building your Future Today.

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