Customer Service

In today’s world of Amazons and Walmarts, customer service is nothing more than lip service.

Your biggest advantage is knowing that while the major players have forgotten what service truly is, your customers have not.

The customer has all the power, they make the final Choice.

We will teach you how to understand your current customers, how to leverage their decision and purchasing habits, give your customers the respect that they deserve, and your competition refuses to give. To recognize the mistakes your competition makes in core fundamentals to build loyalty where they cannot.

How to adapt as your base and their needs change faster than your competition.

Customer Service Training:

Almost all companies have forgotten that Customer Service is a Service industry.

While the current world is composed of robotic cashiers, internet sales, robo-calls, and spam flooding the market, we at Point of Choice remember the key to success, your customers are human. Simple as that, humans have emotions, dreams, and a myriad of purchase drivers.

It does not matter if you are brick and mortar, cold calling, or digitally driven, there is a person at the Point of Choice each and every time.

We will train you on the human aspect of the Point of Choice decision and how to maximize your sales.

Know Your Customer:

Many companies make the mistake of advertising to the customer they want, not the customer they have. We will take a deep look at who your true customers are allowing you to leverage and not alienate, your base to increase sales.

Why they buy: Is it a want or a need, is it cultural or age defining, Racial or National? Every customer has what we call purchasing drivers. Those core socio-economic reasons for each purchase.

We will teach you how to truly understand your customer and give them what they want at the profit you want.

Give Them What Other’s Can’t:

Let’s face it you cannot compete directly against the Amazon’s and WalMart’s of the world, but you can provide your customer base what they can’t and won’t. We will teach you how to use their size and cold algorithmic buying patterns to your advantage, allowing you to set yourself apart and gain ground.

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