Point of Choice Consulting LLC specializes in IT infrastructure projects.

Licensed in 2019 as a dual residential and commercial contractor we have the capability of being your turn key/design build contractor for your IT needs.

Leveraging our IT infrastructure and networking department we will design and build you a strong failure resistant system built for today’s need and prepared for tomorrow’s changes.

Certified in 2019 as an asbestos inspector and contractor we can make sure any and all work done in your pre-1981 buildings are within Federal, State, and County environmental and health guidelines.

New Build, tenant improvement/remodel

Point of Choice Consulting offers full service residential and small commercial construction services.

Point of Choice Consulting’s general contractor services are currently booked through 2021

Asbestos inspection, abatement, and encapsulation consulting

Buildings built or remodeled before 1981 are considered likely to have ACBM (Asbestos Containing Building Materials). Disturbance to these highly toxic carcinogens through maintenance, renovation, demolition, and wear and tear can not only place your personnel and the public in danger but be costly through fines and third-party law suits.

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